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Solve et Coagula


I am an Alchemist. I take forces like information and insanity, fuse them with some paint and some math and some text, and process them in the furnace of my mind and body to produce gold.

I was trained as a painter, and have worked in high technology doing information architecture, software engineering, web administration, and technical communications. Currently I co-direct the Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education and work on various other research projects mostly through Oregon Health Science University. I am autistic, and deeply interested in autistic rights and advocacy. I serve on the board of directors of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, the editorial board of Self Advocates Becoming Empowered, and serve on my state's Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have a Masters of Science from Portland State University in Systems Science, along with a few graduate certificates in Computational Intelligence and Computer Modeling and Simulation. Systems Science is my oldest, deepest interest.

This is my personal blog full of boring stuff like to do lists or whining about being cold. If you're interested in my public writing, please see (now archival) autism.change.org.


Friending: Please leave a comment and I'll add you. I add basically everyone.

I write pretty much exclusively about the topics listed in my interests. Sometimes I write about just one of those for an extended period of time. *shrug*

φ, aac, advocacy, alan turing, alchemy, algorithms, anarchy, art terrorism, artificial intelligence, artificial life, asperger's syndrome, augmentative and alternative communication, autism, autistic self advocacy, beauty, blasphemy, buffy the vampire slayer, cellular automata, cephlopods, classification systems, cognitive science, comic books, communication, complex adaptive systems, complexity, computational linguistics, computer science, creativity, critical thinking, critique, crowley, demimonde, digital photography, dramatic ritual, dynamical systems, editing, education, emergence, evolutionary computing, experimental theatre, fairytales, freedom, fuzzy logic, gary numan, gender neutrality, genetic algorithms, hakim bey, hermeticism, hiking, human rights, iconoclastism, information, information science, initiation, internet, jeff noon, knitting, language, liminals, love, machine learning, magick, markup, mathematics, modeling, models of disability, muses, myths, natural language processing, neural nets, non-standard ecosystems, ocean, outsiders, painting, patterns, perception, perl, physics, pigments, pirates, pixel and dot, programming, qabalah, quantum computing, regular expressions, roleplaying games, science, self advocacy, self-organization, set theory, shiny things, simulation, sleep, snakes, social change, soft things, space, subcultures, surrealism, symbol systems, symbols, synesthesia, system dynamics, systems, tarot, technology, thelema, things that spin, visual art, visual language, volcanoes, writing