Dora (intralimina) wrote,

Photo of the Day Set 2

  • One photo per day
  • Of ordinary things displaced
  • So that they tell a different story

photo-of-the-day set two
robot made of kitchen tools
D.A.R.T., the Decorated Automatic Robot Terminator, arrived to save the day.
If only the gigantic rose had eaten Godzilla before it ate Manhattan!

a luminous, greenish, globular glassy thing
The shimmering, gelatinous biosphere of the Great Old One floated soundlessly toward me.
a truck that looks like a brontosaurus
The brontosaurus evolved.

a violet sky and futuristic buildings
The violet sky of my home world was stormy over the space port.
tattered cloth with ambiguous heart-shaped impression
Shroud of an Insectoid Race #38

Further fun and games: Your stories and/or captions are welcomed in the comments.

Tags: experiments, photography

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